Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Government Facilities Availed by Mahalodaya in 2012

  • Carmel SHG of Naganahalli, Annapurneswari SHG and Chaithrajyohi SHG of Hosapenjalli availed 10,30,000/ from Banks – as loan for IG Activities (milch cows, floriculture, etc.)
  • 3 members of Navajyothi SHG started a tailoring center at Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, with a loan of 15,000.
  • 2 members of Jyothi SHG, Madapura availed houses under Ashraya Housing Scheme.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Drainage Construction at Hithalagudda and Timmarajapura with the help of goverment

Through the efforts of Indira and Chandrika SHG members, a new drainage was constructed at Hithalagudda and Timmarajapura measuring about 500 meters and 60 meters respectively.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Drinking water problems were resolved in 19 villages

Drinking water problems were resolved in 19 villages through the intervention of the SHG members. In V. Chatra 2 bore-wells were dug with the help of Mr. Putta Ranga Shetty, MLA, under the “Baraparihara” scheme and the prevailing drinking water problem was resolved. 3 mini water tanks and 1 bore well were constructed at Boodukatte for the benefit of about 35 families.