Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Day and ODP day 2011 – ODP Mysore

Christmas Day and ODP day 2011 - ODP Mysore
On 22nd December, Christmas Day and ODP day were celebrated. Fr. Lesli Moras, Principal of St. Philomena’s College was the chief guest. Msgr. Marie Joseph, Mrs. Gladis, Asst. Manager, State Bank of Mysore, Mrs. Loretto Pinto and Mr. Gerald Castelino were present.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

SNEHA HIV / AIDS Project meeting Updates 2011 – ODP Mysore

Regular monthly meetings of the children support group were organized at Madikeri, in which 16 children and their parents participated and received nutritional, medical, educational and travel support.
 SNEHA HIV AIDS Project meeting Updates 2011- ODP Mysore
On 11th December, Snehashraya meeting was conducted at Madikeri. 16 CLHIVs along with their parents participated. Food grains and clothes were distributed to each one of them.
Trainings and Inputs:
  • 3 trainings were organized for PLHIVs for strengthening of network, life skills and Rights of PLHIVs at Mandya. 65 members and network staff participated. Mrs. Surekha (Lawyers’ collective), Mrs. Sumitra (CFAR) and Mrs. Rani Chandrashekar were the resource persons.
  • 28 awareness sessions were conducted on HIV/AIDS, modes of transmission, prevention, care and support to PLHIVs – for school / college students, SHG members and members of VHCs / GPs in the target villages. In all 1404 members benefited from the sessions.
  • 5 awareness programs were conducted in collaboration with Addayana Vidya Trust, Mandya – to GP members / VHC members / Youths and ASHA workers on HIV / AIDS at PHCs in Hosabudnur, Maragowdanahalli, Hodegatta, Hemmige and Sunaganahalli. 157 members participated.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Against The Poor Quality of Midday Meal in Chilakavadi village

Midday-Meal: On noticing that school children of Chilakavadi village were not eating their midday-meals served in the Government Primary School as it was of very poor quality, members of Sampige CC took up the matter the Head Master of the school and the quality of food was improved.

Against The Industrial Waste Issue At Muthupurahundi village

At Muthupurahundi village, a sericulture reeling unit was letting its waste into the village streets
causing serious health hazards to people in the vicinity. The SHG members lodged a complaint
with the GP for cleaning up the mess and stopping the unit from continuing the same. The authorities attended to the issue and solved the problem.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Move Against Illegal Activities in Nelliyahudikeri village

Illegal activities: On discovering that a pub called the Creation Club in Nelliyahudikeri village of
Madikeri Taluk was involved in illegal activities, the local Keerthi and Jyothi SHG members made
a complaint to the Siddapura Zonal Women’s Federation who, with the help of the GP
authorities, closed it down.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

FDP – Success Story – Helen Mary, a widow aged 46 – ODP Mysore

Name : Helen Mary, aged 46
Place : Bandipalya, Mysore Taluk & District
Children : 3 sons and 2 daughters.
Status : A widow – Illiterate, poor and unskilled
FDP - Success Story - Helen Mary, a widow aged 46 - ODP Mysore
The family backdrop:
Helen Mary, a widow aged 46 and living in a small hut in RMC slum, Bandipaliya, is a very poor, unskilled and uneducated woman. She works as a domestic servant and earns just `700/ per month. Her husband, David died of Tuberculosis in the year 2008, throwing on her shoulders the burden of the care of five children.
Her elder son Anthony works in a hospital as helper and earns about `2500/ per month. Her second son, John Peter is suffering from a congenital heart disease and her daughter Jayashree is suffering from Tuberculosis. Both of them require medical care. The youngest son Santhosh is studying in the 10th Std. The eldest daughter was married and is living with her husband.
Helen faced many challenges as she struggled to maintain the family and bring up her children. Being a widow and alone, she lacked economical and psychological support from outside. There were days when she could not afford even 2 meals a day. Owning a good house, giving proper education to her children, paying for medical bills, etc. was a dream for her. She fell into huge debts of `2,23,700/, which she borrowed for maintenance of the family and medical expenses of her husband and children.
The role of the SHG in her life:
It was very providential that after the death of her husband, Helen joined the Mother Theresa Self Help Group organized by ODP in the area. She was regular for all the SHG activities and the SHG members supported her morally and financially. They helped her to come out of the shell she was stuck in and interact with people for a happier living. Her life was slowly transformed as she started gaining self-confidence and placing her trust in the other members.
The role of ‘SAFP’ in Helen’s life:
In 2007, Helen’s family was selected for assistance under ‘SAFP’. Under this project selected poor families are adopted by foreign donors who support them financially for six years and during this period the poor family is assisted in all possible ways to grow and achieve self-reliance.
The coordinator and animators of the SAFP project conducted various capacity building and motivational trainings to the members of Helen’s family. Together with her family, Helen unfailingly participated in these programs. Helen’s communication and marketing skills improved and enabled her to establish linkages with supporting agencies, both GOs and NGOs.
The donors extended monthly financial assistance to the family on a regular basis starting with `500/ per month and adding an increment each year. Besides this, they offered substantial amount of money each year to start an income generating Activity.
FDP - Success Story - Helen Mary, a widow aged 46 - ODP Mysore
Income Generation Activities:
In the year 2008, Helen utilised `6,000/ the assistance from SAFP to start a petty shop and earn her livelihood. The shop operated well and fetched an income of about `450/ per day, i.e. about `7,000/ per month. Now Helen was able to manage her day to day expenses of education of children, medication, food, clothing, shelter, etc. She also started clearing her debts.
She turned out to be innovative and enterprising. She approached ODP and the federation for assistance and was able to take small loans and avail facilities, such as solar light and smokeless chulha. Helen also contacted Government departments and was able to build a house under the Government welfare scheme.
With exposure to wider knowledge through participation in the trainings and awareness programs organized by SAFP Helen decided to widen the scope of her business. Helen used innovative methods taking up multi IGP activities from her SAFP funds, like -
  • goat rearing for which she utilized `4000/ to buy 2 goats in the year 2009 which now has multiplied to 23 goats. In between she sold 5 goats for `17,000/.
  • `6,000/ in the year 2010 to buy a sewing machine with which her daughter is able to stitch basic clothes and earn about `1,400/ per month.
  • `15,000/ in the year 2011 to purchase utensils for catering to food services for social functions on rent. With this Helen earns about `3000/ per month.
These Income Generating Activities provided Helen with a solid means for sustainable livelihood.
FDP - Success Story 2 - Helen Mary, a widow aged 46 - ODP Mysore

Helen’s status today:
Helen’s hard work and entrepreneurship was slowly yielding dividends. Today the family’s gross income per month is about 30,000/ and the net profit is about 15,000/. All this was possible because of her association with the SHG, the role SAFP played in her life and all the techniques and skills the family acquired in communication, investment, business, customer service, negotiation, marketing, etc. and implemented in pursuit of a better status in life. Above all, it is Helen’s grit, determination, courage and will to thrive that has made the difference.
Today Helen is economically empowered and is able to manage all the needs of her family. Her debts have decreased; her younger daughter got married, she has constructed a small house and also educated her children. This has been possible due to the effort, efficiency and hard work of Helen who was motivated to bring out her best through her active involvement in the SHG and the Family Development Program of SAFP.
Lend a helping hand – build a family

SHG Annual Day Celebrations in 2011

At Karadigoodu, Mallenahalli and Kamagere, 8 SHGs celebrated their annual days and made an evaluation of their activities during the year. 3 SHGs of Maldare hamlet at Kodagu district, celebrated their 10th anniversary to commemorate their achievements over the years. The members of other SHGs also took part in the cultural activities. The Director and the Program Coordinators of ODP attended the celebration.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Mysore CHILDLINE conducted CHILDLINE SE DOSTI WEEK PROGRAM-2011 from 8th to 14th Nov, 2011 as given below:

  • On 8th Nov, a rally was conducted around Suburb Bus Stand in which more than 125 children participated. The public was given awareness and 1098 is receiving many more calls.
  • On 9th Nov, “School Fair” was conducted in Rajendra Nagar Govt. School premises. More than 345 children participated in the program. Various games were conducted and prizes distributed. As a result, many poor children in schools are calling us and getting educational support.
  • On 10th Nov, the CHILDLINE visited 17 Police Stations in Mysore city and created awareness about the CHILDLINE project. As a result cooperation from the police has improved and they are accompanying us in rescue operations in a more timely manner.

  • On 11th Nov, a rally was conducted in H D Kote town with more than 500 children and awareness given to the public.
  • On 12th Nov, a program was organized at the Mysore Railway Station and awareness was given to more than 35 Cooli workers and Rly Police. As an impact many cases of run-away children are being referred to CHILDLINE.
  • On 14th Nov, a Signature Campaign was organized in the Exhibition grounds. Mr.Vijay, Deputy Director of women and Child Development (DWCD) inaugurated the program by signing on the banner. Many other Government officials also signed the banner. More than 2000 people expressed their interest in the project by signing the banner to protect the rights of children. Around 2000 handbills and 1500 Friendship bands were distributed on the occasion.

Child Line Children bring awareness in 2011 – ODP Mysore

Street children, school children and MSW students were involved in several rallies, street plays, input sessions and programs to bring awareness among the public on child-rights.

Child Line Mass Awareness Programs in 2011 – ODP Mysore

Child Line Mass Awareness Programs in 2011 - ODP Mysore
150 Mass Awareness Programs were conducted for auto-rickshaw drivers, shop owners, bus drivers, bus conductors, students in schools and colleges, travellers on journey, pedestrians on the roads, merchants, road side sellers, customers in the market places/tea-stalls/snack-centres, pilgrims during festivals, gatherings during public meetings, etc. giving knowledge to thousands of people on CHILDLINE and child rights through distribution of handbills, stickers, posters,etc.

Child Line Open House Programs in 2011 – ODP Mysore

Child Line Open House Programs in 2011 - ODP Mysore
17 Open House Programmes have been conducted - 12 by RLHP and 5 by Nisarga Foundation – in schools, slums, villages and public places – reaching out to about 2000 people, in which awareness is created about CHILDLINE, child rights, child marriage, child labour, etc. A CHILDLINE committee of 10 children was formed after each Open House program – to refer cases to CHILDLINE

Child Line Orientation Program in 2011 – ODP Mysore

Child Line Orientation Program in 2011 - ODP Mysore
ODP organized a week-long orientation program for 17 staff of the CHILDLINE project, from 17th to 23rd January. During this orientation inputs were given on – CHILDLINE – History & Structure; CHILDLINE aims, Objectives, beliefs; Role of CHILDLINE partners; guidelines for Interventions & Documentation; and Demonstration on how to attend phone calls. Mr. Thomas Paul, the Program Coordinator for CHILDLINE India Foundation was the main resource person.

Child Line Interventions in 2011 – ODP Mysore

1429 calls from parents, public departments, police, education department, civilians, children, CHILDLINE team members, etc. were attended and 354 children were rescued and given counselling, educational support, medical help, home placement, institutional placement, etc.
We have reached out to different types of children like- missing children, child laborers, runaways, homeless,drug addicts, sick, emotional health problems, HIV/AIDS. Shelter, restoration, counseling and sponsorship are given.

EWRs participate in other activities- Year 2011 | ODP Mysore

EWRs participate in other activities- Year 2011 - ODP Mysore
Activity Details…..
  • 11 EWRs attended in Somawarpete Taluk Nabard watershed program orientation workshop, and world environment day in June 2011
  • 5 Taluk Presidents and 6 EC members of SUGRAMA attended a TOT on MGNREGA organized by ANSSIRD, Mysore in Sept.,under UN Women program.
  • 3 Dist. Representatives of State SUGRAMA members participated in 4 state level federation meetings and 1 workshop on property rights at Bangalore.
  • 309 Ward sabhas were conducted by trained EWRs on their own leadership.
  • Effective Grama sabha and ward sabha meetings have taken place in many more working areas (Specially in 220 GPs of 11 Taluks)
  • 50 special Grama sabhas were held successfully by EWRs who are Presidents.
  • More concentration is being given to women issues and safe drinking water.
  • EWRs emphasized more transparency in GPs
  • EWRs gained self-confidence to work for the future.

Against Corruption in ChamarajanagarTaluk

EWRs of Bisilwadi, Amachawadi and Kuderu GPs of ChamarajanagarTaluk,made a complaint to Mr. Sundar Naik,the CEO, on the misuse of MGNREGA funds,by the GP secretaries. After verification of facts, the CEO took action against the 3 secretaries and put them under suspension.

Need Based Workshops on RTI Act 2005, MGNREGA and Domestic Violence Act 2005

Need Based Workshops on RTI Act 2005, MGNREGA and Domestic Violence Act 2005 - ODP Mysore
During the year 5 need based workshops were conducted – 1 on MGNREGA, 1 on DV Act 2005 and 3 on RTI Act 2005. These workshops benefitted 170 EWRs from 69 GPs of 5 taluks.

Women Leadership Workshops (WLW) – THP Activity

Women Leadership Workshops (WLW) - ODP Mysore
The WLWs help women to challenge social inequalities and enable them to identify their role as active panchayath leaders. During the year 10 WLWs were conducted to benefit 368 EWRs from 158 GPs of 8 Taluks
During the year, 32 WLW follow up workshops were conducted benefitting 978 EWRs from 239 GPs of 11 Taluks to address various issues like – violence against women, domestic violence, issues related to good governance, etc.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Against Domestic Violence

Women Empowerment members across 4 districts of Karnataka addressed 182 cases of domestic violence like, dowry harassment, violence against wife,violence against children, broken families, second marriages, inter-caste marriages, addiction to drinking,etc. were resolved by our Animators and ZCs with help of the villagers and the police in our working areas.

Against Domestic Violence in Thubusoge village by the JV members

On learning that the husband of Pushpa of Thubusoge village was attempting a second marriage because she gave birth to a girl child, the JV members brought the matter to the knowledge of the Taluk Protection Officer who called both the husband and wife for counselling. Now they are living together amicably.

Against Sexual Harassment at Hudikeri of Virajpet Taluk

Dr. Ravikumar, a doctor in the Government Hospital at Hudikeri of Virajpet Taluk sexually harassed a girl who came for medical treatment.
Joined by the village people, 22 EWRs made protests and demanded his suspension. Dr. Yathiraj, the DHO and Mrs. Kanthi Belliappa, the President of ZP Health and Education Standing Committee, made an investigation. On verification of facts, Dr. Ravikumar was suspended from duties.

Battles &Triumphs – The EWRs | ODP Mysore 2011

Battles &Triumphs - The EWRs - ODP Mysore 2011
The EWRs in their capacity as elected representatives and public servants are fighting against a number of social evils and illegal activities that disgrace and destroy the society, such as -alcoholism, sexual harassments, bigamy, corruption, etc., an indication of what an empowered woman can be –‘an agent of change in the society’.

Addressing School drop outs

Women Empowerment Group of ODP Mysore addressed through the support of our Animators, 38 school-dropout children from Gousianagar, S.R.Pattna, Mandya, Kamagere, Bannur Bhudubalu, Perambadi, Minchugone and Kodagu areas, were readmitted in schools. The local SHG members distributed notebooks, pens and school bags to the poor students. during the Year of 2011

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Success in Local Governess body through SWEEP campaign under THP umbrella

Success in Local Governess body through SWEEP campaign under THP umbrella - ODP Mysore
21 women leaders from Gonikoppa and Ponnampet GP areas contested in the second phase of the Gram
Panchayath elections through SWEEP campaign under THP umbrella and 6 of them won the elections.

Signature campaigns demanding constitutional amendment in favour of 50% reservation for women and increase in honorarium to the Presidents

Signature campaigns were conducted in 11 Taluks demanding constitutional amendment in favour of 50% reservation for women and increase in honorarium to the Presidents, Vice-Presidents and ward members of GPs.
With the support and advocacy of the state SUGRAMA federation and other likeminded networks – from Dec 2011 onwards 50% reservation for women was implemented in the Panchayathraj system

Jagruthi Vedike (JV) formation and meetings at GP level- 2011

The JV concept was introduced in September 2011 in 25 GPs of 5 Taluks of our working area, to carry out the function of a supporting structure to strengthen the EWRs and the community women. JV advocates for the rights of EWRs and addresses issues related to good governance, gender and social justice.
During the year, 21 JVs were formed, each consisting of 25 to 35 members, who created a platform to provide motivation to 899 women for working towards better local governance.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Issue-based Interface meetings with Taluk and Dist. Level Administration

As a result of the interface better linkages are built with between EWRs and various Government departments.

Recognition as Para-legal volunteers by the District Legal Service Authorities (DLSA)

Mr. Gangadahar, the ZC of Chamarajanagar District, Mrs. Metilda, the ZC of Mysore District, Mrs. Prakash Mary and Mrs. Arogya Mary, the animators of Mysore zone were selected as para-legal volunteers by the District Legal Service Authorities (DLSA) of Chamarajanagar and Mysore Districts, for their excellent contribution towards peace and justice.

Special Recognition – Mr. Marichowdaiah, the Head Master of Madapura High School in Hunsur Taluk

The members of Jyothi Mahila SHG of Madapur village, Hunsur Zone in H.D. Kote Taluk honoured Mr. Marichowdaiah, the Head Master of Madapura High School in Hunsur Taluk in recognition of the dedicated services he rendered for 13 years.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Strategic Planning Workshops on policy making, gender sensitization and testing of systems were conducted by the ASK team

Strategic Planning Workshops on policy making, gender sensitization and testing of systems were conducted by the ASK team, New Delhi. During the workshops ODP evolved its H.R.Policy, which was formulated both in Kannada and English.

Fr. Staney D’Almeda, Asst. Director, ODP Mysore, returns from St. Francis Xavier University

Fr. Staney D’Almeda, Asst. Director, ODP, returns from St. Francis Xavier University, Coady Inter National institute, Canada, after completion of his studies on Leadership Development, lasting for 5 months.

SNEHA HIV / AIDS World Aids Day 2011 – ODP Mysore

SNEHA HIV / AIDS World Aids Day 2011 - ODP Mysore
World Aids Day Programme was organized in collaboration with DAPCU and other NGOs at Kodagu, Mandya and Maddur towns. The programme was inaugurated by the District Commissioner and SNEHALAYA children presented a cultural program. More than 1300 SHG members and college students participated

Special Recognition – Mrs. Prema Madapur village, Hunsur Zone in H.D. Kote Taluk

The members of Jyothi Mahila SHG of Madapur village, Hunsur Zone in H.D. Kote Taluk honoured Mrs. Prema, a co-member, in appreciation for the grit and courage she displayed in educating her children despite her physical handicap (hearing impaired) and lack of support from her husband.