Sunday, 11 December 2011

SNEHA HIV / AIDS Project meeting Updates 2011 – ODP Mysore

Regular monthly meetings of the children support group were organized at Madikeri, in which 16 children and their parents participated and received nutritional, medical, educational and travel support.
 SNEHA HIV AIDS Project meeting Updates 2011- ODP Mysore
On 11th December, Snehashraya meeting was conducted at Madikeri. 16 CLHIVs along with their parents participated. Food grains and clothes were distributed to each one of them.
Trainings and Inputs:
  • 3 trainings were organized for PLHIVs for strengthening of network, life skills and Rights of PLHIVs at Mandya. 65 members and network staff participated. Mrs. Surekha (Lawyers’ collective), Mrs. Sumitra (CFAR) and Mrs. Rani Chandrashekar were the resource persons.
  • 28 awareness sessions were conducted on HIV/AIDS, modes of transmission, prevention, care and support to PLHIVs – for school / college students, SHG members and members of VHCs / GPs in the target villages. In all 1404 members benefited from the sessions.
  • 5 awareness programs were conducted in collaboration with Addayana Vidya Trust, Mandya – to GP members / VHC members / Youths and ASHA workers on HIV / AIDS at PHCs in Hosabudnur, Maragowdanahalli, Hodegatta, Hemmige and Sunaganahalli. 157 members participated.

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